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Join The World’s 1st Research & Earn platform

NestFi is one of the first platforms of its kind, designed for Gen-Zs to begin their crypto journey with the most exciting educational and engaging games.

Don’t just ‘Play to Earn’ but ‘Research and Earn’.

Forget boring communities, join us instead!

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Experience the world of crypto as never before.
Zero Risk | Zero Capital | Unlimited Rewards

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Is Bitcoin Free?

Yes! As you navigate through the platform, you get multiple opportunities to win bitcoins by participating in fun games.

Predict market movement, participate in quizzes, and join the NestFi League to become a pro.

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Refer and Win

Earn badges

Win Challenges

Make Predictions

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Socialize with Crypto Geeks

NestFi allows you to create your own community with whom you can chat and play games. At the same time, invite your friends to have an inner circle & create exclusive challenges.

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Create Challenges

Chat With Network

Invite Friends

Grow The Club

Create a virtual Crypto Portfolio

A virtual $10,000 is provided for each crypto portfolio (Nest) that you create. The Nest is tracked on a real-time basis. So sit back, watch your Nest grow & win rewards.

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Follow Market Trends

Explore Experts

Join Challenges

Get into the new world of fantasy gaming!

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Earn rewards & internship by becoming a CEO

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