NestFi x WowTalkies: Partnership & Beyond

NestFi and WOW Talkies Partnership

We are chasing passion… together. NestFi works towards educating and rewarding users who are passionate to learn about web3 space in form of our engaging games, whereas WowTalkies is a platform solely dedicated to people who are passionate about movies to showcase their ultimate fandom. The users on both the platforms are rewarded for participation […]

Top 5 Move to Earn trends revolutionizing the Web 3 space

Top 5 move and earn trends in web 3

The Web 3 space has bought a lot of developments and innovations to our table. Now you could have apps on your that pay you for walking. This particular concept is gaining quick momentum in the crypto world, and it is called the move-to-earn model. It comes off from the platform of play to earn […]

How is the play and earn model adding value to the community?

How play and earn model adding value in community

How would you feel if you earned money while playing? Yes, the ‘play and earn games. The world of Blockchain and cryptocurrency has introduced this to our tables and has opened a whole new world to most gamers. Due to its decentralized nature, not one person/entity owns a bitcoin. Hence, having a flourishing and well-rounded […]