NestFi Announces Strategic Partnership with 3air to Tap Into New-to-Web 3 Users.

Nestfi announces partnership with 3Air

NestFi’s vision to create a bridge for new-to-crypto users into the world of blockchain, cryptocurrency & DeFi is now more empowered through a partnership with 3air, a proprietary solution that provides high-speed broadband internet wirelessly. 3air is a noble blockchain platform that enables individuals and businesses to thrive on Web3 by providing broadband internet connectivity. […]

Nestfi and e-Money cement strategic partnership to simplify Web 3 journeys for Gen Z

Nestfi and eMoney Partnership

We are excited to announce that NestFi, a community-driven research-and-learn gaming platform that aims to simplify the web 3.0 journey for GenZ, will be exploring a strategic partnership with e-Money. The partnership intends to integrate e-Money’s suite of European stablecoins, create a great sense of product awareness and the value they bring as a viable […]