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How does a day in CEO life look like?

Promote the Nest

Promote Nest within your network of influence – Help us grow by recommending us and telling us what you love about it. Let us know if there’s anything we can improve!

Lead the Nest

Lead with Nest team :-  Work on the latest products, build marketin ideas, and cheers with the rest of  the Nest team by becoming ‘Chief Engagement Officer’ of Nest.

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How it works?

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Express your interest and apply for CEO role. We'll be in touch soon.
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Get some #swag to your address so you can rep Nest.
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Decide how much you want to devote and brag about it.
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CEO Compensation and Benefits
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What you get?

full time opportunity

Full-time work opportunity

Join the Nest team and experience a wholesome and empowering working experience.

Amazing incentives and rewards

Incentive and rewards : CEO get access to exciting goodies, stipend, exclusive merchandise and much more!

Certificates and Recommendations

LOR & Certificates : Letter of recommendation (LOR) highlighting your time and contribution to nest. Certificates for Nest Ideators.

What are you waiting for?

Come join us as CEO and see what all the hype is about.

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Got some questions?

Nest protocol aims to bring the accessibility, transparency and security of DeFi to the asset management industry. Nest is a multi-chain platform that combines cutting edge technology with DeFi innovation to deliver an asset management platform governed by the community

Nests are baskets of cryptocurrencies curated by experts. Any user can see the returns & risk associated with each Nest and accordingly choose to subscribe to the Nest that meets their requirement.

With Nest Pro, we want to provide a platform for asset managers to create Nests for the community but along with that anybody passionate about crypto and blockchain can create Nests. So to answer the question – anyone and everybody can create Nests & earn from it !

Nest doesn’t just give you the facts, but provides real-time signals and insights tailored to your holdings. Users have the option to connect their existing wallet on our platform and using the latest technology, we showcase the overall portfolio and provide high level analysis for the portfolio.

Nest token (NSTP) is a utility token based on Polygon – an Ethereum layer 2 protocol.

With research to earn, we leverage on the wisdom of the community & provide rewards to the community for their contribution. Eg. Our prediction quizzes allow community to predict for cryptocurrency on a particular day & get rewarded if they are correct.

We don’t sell cryptocurrency or any other asset. Nest is a decentralized platform that connects to your existing exchange account(s). We believe you should hold your crypto wherever you’re most profitable and convenient.

No. Nest never provide any financial advice neither it is a broker dealer, transactional intermediary, counterparty, or investment advisor. Any investment decision a user of the Nest platform may make is solely at his or her own discretion and risk.

If you are creating a Nest and any community user subscribes to it, you will start earning on each trade. Nest creators acts like asset manager on the platform.

Nests are created and managed by the community users using Nest platform. Anyone can create nest and publish it to start earning.

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