NestFi x WowTalkies: Partnership & Beyond

We are chasing passion… together.

NestFi works towards educating and rewarding users who are passionate to learn about web3 space in form of our engaging games, whereas WowTalkies is a platform solely dedicated to people who are passionate about movies to showcase their ultimate fandom. The users on both the platforms are rewarded for participation in form of badges, NFTs, bitcoins and so much more. But more than that we are striving to build a community of people so they can fruitfully interact with one another.

NestFi and WowTalkies are joining hands to make things more interesting for our users and get the best of both the worlds.

  • Explore our fantasy games to engage their users
  • Create games exclusive for WowTalkies
  • Coming together to create more awareness about one another
  • Providing benefits to our communities through collaboration

Also, NestFi is working towards a SAAS partnership with WowTalkies to provide the best gaming experience for fans across both the platforms and communities .

With WowTalkies, celebs and studios can create their own NFT collectibles and offer them to fans in their established communities. Fans can showcase their fandom and engage with the community in a gamification led manner to progress on the fan leader board .

About WowTalkies:

WowTalkies is the fan engagement platform of choice, for movie fans, on Web3, whereby fans can become super fans on the platform, and communities, studios and celebrities can contribute to the fans’ endeavor to be a super fan. The wowTalkies platform, which is currently in beta, offers unique NFTs and collectibles on the web, and deep tech, AI and AR utilities intrinsic to the NFTs and collectibles, on its android mobile app. Fan communities, fan leaderboards, gamifications, fan badges, and a lot many NFTs and collectibles in an engage-to-earn model, are on the anvil.

Reach WowTalkies on: Website| TwitterTelegram | TG Announcement | Medium

About NestFi:

At NestFi, the aim is to create a platform where you can not only earn rewards while engaging with exciting games but also learn about cryptocurrencies to give you a headstart. Moreover, the zero-loss investment model helps you to directly invest what you earned from winning to ensure that you will always have zero losses and high profits.

NestFi is a gamified crypto platform that aims to transform the digital currency landscape and promote mass adoption by making crypto learning fun and entertaining. With NestFi, you can:

· Participate in crypto games to earn bitcoin

· Invite and engage with your friends to play and win exciting rewards together.

· Create and tackle challenges to expand your portfolios and knowledge.

Join us on our new venture to make the crypto space more accessible and rewarding, and shed all the stigmas the industry has acquired over time. Join the revolution with NestFi!

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NestFi x WowTalkies: Partnership & Beyond


Nest is the world’s first social gaming platform that allows young people to create, play and earn while learning about crypto and web 3. We’re creating a new way for people to interact with the world of crypto and web 3, combining elements of gaming and personalization to make it both easy and exciting.

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